Preserve, Prioritize and Plant Canopy Street Trees!

Vote for Madison Trees Before June 21!

The rewrite of the Madison Comprehensive Plan, Imagine Madison, is ongoing right now. At the website, ,  you can provide input on a range of strategies and on the future land use map. Input opportunity will end June 21 so please give yours ASAP.

For each of the various proposed strategies there is a like button to register support. You can also submit new strategy ideas.

One of the strategy groups is Green & Resilient. Within this group there are several tree specific strategies. So at a minimum head out and support these.


Sustainable Madison Committee accepts Tree Working Group Recommendations


  1. Dana Schreiber

    please save our canopy…without my block on e. wilson having such a gorgeous canopy, I could not go out for walks…my bills to cool my house would escalate and the pleasure I get from looking at them would be denied… please please please consider the benefits of our shade trees …. they are so valuable to quality of our lives.!

  2. Dean Nett

    Our neighborhood has lost a number of canopy trees recently and we can already feel the heat difference in our house. We need to increase street canopies, not cut more down!

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