The Madison Sustainability Plan

In 2011 Madison’s Common Council approved the ‘The Madison Sustainability Plan: Fostering Environmental, Economic and Social Resilience.’

Many of the changes we would like to see are goals Madison has already adopted as part of the Sustainability Plan.

Here are some parts of the Madison Sustainability Plan action goals related to trees:

Natural Systems – Goal 4 – Improve Storm Water Management
13. Increase the use of tree growth and storm water management systems, such as modular, suspended pavement systems in urban areas, as a way to store storm water and encourage large tree growth to help control storm water.
Natural Systems – Goal 7:  Restore and Maintain Natural Habitat
2. Develop cooperative relationships with neighboring communities, Dane County and regional planning bodies for joint planning for permanent preservation of open spaces and woodlands.
5. Create a comprehensive tree program, with tree maintenance, tree preservation ordinance and species variation.
6. Promote tree planting by residents to complement municipal planting through a well-planned and systematic program that includes education.
8. Minimize loss of tree cover and green space in public rights of way.
9. Promote, expand and replace tree canopy trees whenever possible and encourage landowner collaboration on strengthening tree canopy and woodlands.
10. Create a policy to facilitate underground placement of power lines and overhead wires.
11. Promote usage of public rights-of- way (public land) and parks as edible landscapes, sculpture gardens, community gardens, prairie, etc.
13. Follow established IPM (Integrated Pest Management) guides for responsible use of pesticides and continue to look for ways to reduce use.
14. Where appropriate, replace fertilizers from petro-chemicals with natural soil amendments, such as compost, fish meal and composted manure.
15. Review and update the policy regarding pest management every five years.
16. Post information on annual pesticide use and relevant policies on Parks and Public Health websites.
Planning and Design – Goal 4 – Promote and foster local food systems.
3. Plant low-maintenance fruit and nut trees in public areas.
Carbon and Energy – Goal 3 –  Improve new buildings and developments.
7. Create and adopt strategies and requirements to minimize urban heat islands, optimize carbon sequestration and promote water retention (e.g., green roof, bio swales, urban tree canopy, vegetative parking).

Here is a link to the whole sustainability plan: