Madison Canopy Street Trees is an advocacy group of Madison residents from neighborhoods across the city dedicated to preserving, prioritizing and planting Madison’s canopy street trees.

We are currently represented in the Bay Creek, Capitol Neighborhoods Inc, Dundgon-Monroe, Greenbush, Lake Edge, Marquette, Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahara, and Tenney-Lapham Neighborhoods.

Currently the City of Madison is using ‘The Right Tree in the Right Place’ standard when planting and replacing terrace trees in front of our homes. Canopy trees under high-voltage electrical power lines are being replaced with small, no-canopy trees that have a maximum height of 2o feet. This is devastating to our tree canopy! The look and feel of Madison’s older neighborhoods is drastically changing.

Together with Neighborhood Associations, concerned residents, the City Forestry Department and the Mayor’s Office we are working to prevent the loss of canopy trees. One of the solutions MCST proposes is partial undergrounding.  MCST welcomes you to join in our efforts to prevent the loss of canopy trees along Madison’s streets.